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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


he is also an orphan.and soon my brother.


he is an orphan.for more info go to


he is an orphan.for more info about doyle go to


she is an orphan.for more info about blossom copy and paste this link to go right to the page for more info.


he is an orphan.copy and paste this link to go right to more info for benjamin.


he is an orphan at
Chinese Name: Wu Shuangfeng

Birthday: July 31, 2008

Gender: Male

Special Needs: Cleft Palate (surgically repaired)

Arriving on September 12, 2008, when he was three months old, Francis came from Chengde Social Welfare Institute in the Hebei Province. Francis was found abandoned at the hospital at the Chengde College of Medicine.

Francis is one of several boys at Harmony House who are nearing two years old. They play with their trucks, blocks and other toys, and sometimes it gets pretty noisy. As with most two-year-olds, they sometimes fight over toys and sometimes play well together. Francis can hold his own, and he seems to fit in well with the other children.

He is a handsome little boy with sparkling eyes and a sweet personality.

Francis has been matched with his Forever Family and will be going home to Sweden very soon.