this is my blog

i started this blog april 04 2010 and i love bloging!!!!!!!!!!i hope you like what you see next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Me

My name is Paige and my birthday is august 18 2000 (8/18/2000) I love music,i listen to it every morning and i bring my MP3 player every where i go.The top 3 songs i listen to on my MP3 player are I know you by big time rush,halfway there by Big time rush and nothing even matters by Big time rush.Obviously Big time rush is my favorite the WORLD!!!My favorite color is purple.My room is painted 3 purple walls and one brown and the brown one is going to have purple,green and white flowers on it.My favorite house pet is a cat,My favorite wild animal is a koala bear.Me and my cousin love koala bears.I think i have 23 family members and three more are coming.We have people over all the time.I think i have 8 cousins and 2 more coming.I have 4 cousins i often see.I have a big love for animals.I also have a love for stuffed animals.I know that probably weird for a ten year old.My favorite movie is Avalon High staring Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson.I think that's it.I hope you injoy my blog.

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