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Sunday, April 4, 2010

this is how the this is my life story would be and all true

Today it was Easter my Mom woke me up early i'm like what's going on...then I realized it was a Sunday.I got out of bed grabbed a blanket got some cereal (cinnamon toast crunch) ate it as fast as i could.Changed my close and didn't look right...changed them again still didn't look right...changed again almost time to go (sweating like a pig)and fainally got it right.Brushed my hair and teeth then grabbed a notebook and wrote this.Then got to church i get there early because my dad is the worship leader so he needs to pratice while he did that i was thinking about ritting a blog (and here i am)then my dad comes out with all of our stuff and we leave cause he feels sick so come home he and my mom watch a movie in there bedroom.I watch tv on the big tv. And watch big time rush and icarly and the troop and hannah montana the movie and show then talked with my dad as a thunder storm warning and tornado watch.I have been thought one my self went right over top of our house and no damage across the street left side demolished and my old friend grarge caved in.

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