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Sunday, December 12, 2010

top 20 thing NOT to have happen on christmas

OK i thought that i should make a post about top 20 things NOT to have happen on christmas.
20.forget your family is coming and be wraping there prestents
19.forget to make or pick up christmas cookies
18.have your oven brake down
17.have a blizzered when you need to get to the biggest work day of the year
16.have the power go out on christmas
15.get sick and have to lay in bed all day
14.get socks for christmas
13.the car brakes down in the middle of the road
12.get attacked by a wild animal
11.get lost and can't get home for christmas your friends new car into a ditch your car into a ditch
8.the christmas tree falls over
7.get beat up
6.get beat up by a girl
5.have to do school on christmas
4.have to work on christmas off the road and go to the hostiple
1.forget to buy presents

love p1
P.S.don't die and have a merry christmas

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